Behavioural Event Interview Case Study

For organisations, the only thing more expensive than finding new candidates is high turnover – hence, finding a competent employee (whether from outside the organisation or from within) who fits the job, the organisational culture and the team is key to a company’s success.


Behavioural Event Interview (BEI) Training provides an effective and reliable technique for those involved in the selection process. The methodology is highly suitable for predicting the job performance of candidates and mapping their competencies.

The Client

quickly growing IT company developing state-of-the-art software and solution on the global market. They have three office in various parts of the world and altogether 80 employees. Inspite of the constant growth (inlucing the headcount as well) the company has preserved a friendly atmosphere with a unique focus on people and their togetherness. In the same time they have implemented a special version of Agile way of working.

The Goals

The company has approached Assessment Systems Hungary in order to receive support in selection. They wanted to hire new middle-level leaders to the company to take care of new areas ans solutions.

The Challenge

The hiring process had several challenges due to the special circimstances around the position and around the world:

  • After COVID years they had to implement a shift in the required profile towards a more flexible, strategical and ambitious personality.
  • Because of the friendly nature of the company, they wanted to hire interpersonally sensitivepeople who can listen to feedback.
  • According to the special Agile way of working it was important to select someone who can manuveur on the border of a formal leader and a product-owner.
  • As an additional challenge the company has insisted on using traditional ways of selection.

The Solution

In order to fulfill the needs and provide a solution that is a real answer to the challenge, Assessment Systems Hungary has offered a Behavioral Event Interview based solution. The main part has focused on training the HR of the company in BE methods, including the way of creating and asking questions, the deepening techniques, the tricks, the challenges and the scoring.

However in order to successfully implement the BE Interview, Assessment Systems Hungary has also supported the company in the creation of a new competency model. This model was a good match to the requirements of the profile and also offered behavioral-level items to every competency.

The Implementation

The project has started with several workshops in order to clarify the requirements of the profile. Based on this information Assessment Systems Hungary has formulated the necessary competencies (8 pieces) and validated them with the upper management.

In light of these competencies we have created a pool of starting questions and a tailor-made Behavioral Event Interview Guide for the company. Also during the first implementation we have provided supervision during the interviews in order to provide even more guideance on how to detect fake answers and how to go deeper and deeper with new questions.

The Results

Due to the competency-based and behavior-focused nature of the solution the company has managed to interview the necessary skills in a way that has produced valid results about the candidates. Soon 3 new people has joined the company who are still working there.

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