Chairman of the Board

Rostislav Benák


“I believe we are born to this world to learn something and then to make something with what we have learnt.”

I have coached leaders across cultures and industries from over 30 different countries in individual or team setting for over 4000 hours, from companies mainly in energy, telco, pharmaceutical, finance, IT, and private equity segments. I coach mostly in English and Czech, but also in Spanish and Russian.

I prefer eclectic approach – I’m not a blind purist of any approach or a particular school. On the contrary, just as people are different, with each client I prefer to choose an approach which at a given context seems most appropriate. Following ones are amongst my favorite: Gestalt, Systemics, Ontogenetic coaching, Body-based approaches, Constellations, Cognitive-Behavioral approaches, etc.


2010 – presentChairman of the Board, Assessment Systems International. Managing business units in 10countries.  Also delivering as Executive Coach and Management & Leadership Facilitator on projects in 30+ countries.
2011 – 2016M.B.A. and HR MSc programs lecturer, Warsaw University of Technology.
2003 – 2006M.B.A. and HR MSc programs lecturer, Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, Prague
2001 – 2010Managing Partner, Executive Coach, Management Consultant. Assessment Systems, s.r.o., Czech and Slovak Republics.
1999 – 2006Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, Management and Humanities. Czech Technical University, Prague.
1999 – 2002Lecturer, Central European Management Studies (CEMS),  and at Dept. of Managerial  Psychology and Sociology. University of Economics, Prague.
1998 – 2007Executive Coach, HR Consultant, Trainer, Qed & Quod, s.r.o.
1996 – 1998Marketing Manager, P.Y.S., a.s.
1992 – 1996English Teacher & Interpreter, The Caledonian School.


1999 – 2004University of Economics, Prague, PhD. program in Management.
2000Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Personnel Psychology.
1997 – 1999University of Economics, Prague, Master level in Corporate Economy and Management.
1994 – 2001Charles University in Prague, Master level in Work and Organizational Psychology.
1992 – 1995University of Economics, Prague, Bachelor degree in Finance and Taxes.

Professional qualifications and other major education:

Accredited Professional Coach since April 2007 by ČAKO. (minimum requirements: 750 hours of practical Coaching experience, 125 hour supervision and relevant training, examined and accredited by international committee.)
Supervision in Coaching Certification trainings, 160hours, (2006-7, 2014-15).
Systematic self-experiential Psychotherapeutic Training in Gestalt Psychotherapy (2005-2009).
Coaching Constellations, 18 ICF CCEUs. (2015).
Accredited trainer of trainers of A360 and HPI, MVPI, HDS psychometrics. (2002)
Certified user of numerous other psychometrical tools, including OPQ32, VMG, NMG, PROFILES, HBRI.